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« You are not born racist, but you become racist ». This reality stands as the corner stone of the Foundation. Racism is an intellectual, political and economic construction.We need to become aware that generation after generation, history has conditioned us to see ourselves first as Christians, Jews, Muslims…Black, White, Maghrebians, or Asians… Our differences turn into inequalities generated by domination mechanisms that must be deconstructed. Isn’t it time to consider ourselves first and foremost as human beings ? The Foundation relies on its scientific committee’s expertise. Amongst the initiatives taken since the launch of the Foundation in 2008 : Workshops in primary, secondary and high schools as well as universities in France and in other countries, involving lectures and debates, exhibitions, sponsoring of DEMOS orchestras at the Paris Philarmonic, supporting activities fighting against discrimination and defending human rights.

Gender inequality is more than anything a political issue, this unequal model is the mould for all other systems of inequality.”
Françoise Héritier, member of the scientific committee of the Foundation

“We share the same origin: we are all Africans by origin, born three million years ago, and this should encourage brotherhood.”
Yves Coppens, member of the scientific committee of the Foundation

The actions of the Foundation are based on the expertise of its scientific committee, consisting of the following members : Françoise Héritier, anthropologist, Yves Coppens, paleoanthropologist, Marie Rose Moro, child and adolescent psychiatrist, Doudou Diène, legal expert, United Nations Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, (2002-2008), Evelyne Heyer, human population geneticist, Ninian Hubert Van Blyenburgh, anthropologist and didactician, Elisabeth Caillet, museologist, Michel Wieviorka, sociologist, Françoise Vergès, political scientist, Tzvetan Todorov, philosopher and historian Pierre Raynaud, public policy development engineer, Carole Reynaud Paligot, historian, Pascal Brice, diplomat, Pascal Boniface, geopolitical scientist, Pascal Blanchard, historian, Patrick Estrade, psychologist, André Magnin, exhibition curator.

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Président : Lilian Thuram
Vices Présidents : Juan Campmany et Rafael Vila San Juan
Directeur : Lionel Gauthier